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About the Stanbic IBTC N100 Billion Infrastructure Fund

Those who change the world are those who take on projects that positively impact society. In today’s world, it is not enough to have big visions and dreams, you need to also have the funds to back your ambitions. When it comes to funding, we at Stanbic IBTC Asset Management Limited, have you covered.

Whether you are a corporate organisation looking to invest for an extended period or an individual with money that you can afford to invest in long-term projects for competitive returns, we want to partner with you to make impact.

What can you expect in return? 

The Fund will make investments using the net proceeds raised in each Series or Tranche with an overall objective of delivering to Unitholders a target yield of 2% - 5% above the prevailing comparable FGN bond with a similar tenor to the remaining tenor of a particular Series, as provided in the applicable supplementary prospectus. If there is no FGN Bond with a similar maturity as the tenor of a particular Series, then an extrapolation of the yield of the return of two FGN Bonds closest to the remainder tenor of such Series

How would we achieve this? 

We have established a N100 billion infrastructure fund to help close the infrastructure gap in Nigeria. The plan is simple: we would provide project owners with long-term capital to fund their projects whilst investors enjoy competitive returns as well as achieve set investment goals.

Make it big

Are you a large corporate or HNI with assets in excess of N100 million? Are you excited at the prospect of co-financing large infrastructure projects in Nigeria? Would you like to move beyond traditional investment propositions to more peculiar ones? Then the Stanbic IBTC Infrastructure Fund is for you. 

Your plans are echoed in the words of Dolu Olugbenjo, Chief Investment Officer, Stanbic IBTC Infrastructure Fund who said; “Nigeria, like most African countries, struggles with infrastructure deficit and for a nation striving to achieve development, closing this gap requires around $3 trillion investment over the next 30 years. The Stanbic IBTC Infrastructure Fund is tailored to address these challenges by providing infrastructural investment in critical sectors of the economy such as energy, telecommunications, healthcare, water treatment, waste management, communications, and transportation (road, rail, airports, seaports, etc.), among others.”

Why should you consider this fund?

Each tranche or series will have a clear duration/terminal date and investors have the flexibility to roll into a subsequent series at the end of term

The Fund Management Team has highly skilled sector specialists with project finance and transaction execution credentials across the African continent

There is strong oversight on the activities of the Fund as provided by the Investment Committee and the Advisory Board.

Why should you partner with Stanbic IBTC Asset Management?

Our extensive experience speaks for us. We have been serving Nigerians with expert investment management for over two decades and as is our practice, we continue to lead the way in providing innovative solutions such as the Stanbic IBTC Infrastructure Fund to the investing public.

Stanbic IBTC Asset Management is one of Nigeria’s leading investment managers with a total of 16 Collective Investment Schemes for investors to choose from. This is the highest pool of funds managed by any Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered fund manager in Nigeria. 

What’s more? You are in charge as the investor. You have a wide range of options that would suit your risk appetite and you may also freely rotate between strategies depending on the market outlook.

Stanbic IBTC Asset Management offers you flexibility and quality service. Our solid track record of excellence, evidenced in Asset Under Management (AUM) of over N800 billion as at 31 March 2022, spread across individual and institutional investors is proof of the value we bring to investors who trust us with managing their assets. 

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FAQs - N20bn Stanbic IBTC Infrastructure Fund (“The Fund”) Tranche 1

Do you have questions on the first tranche now open for subscription? Below is a collation of frequently asked questions to provide you further information.  

1.    Is the Fund open ended or closed ended?
The Fund is a closed ended unit trust scheme.

2.   What is the shelf registration or programme size of the Fund and what is the offer size?
        The shelf registration or programme size is NGN100 billion, and the Series II offer size is NGN15billion.

3.   What is the duration of the offer?
        The duration of the offer is 25 working days; It opens on Monday, 09 May 2022 and will close on Friday, 10 June 2022.

4.    Is the Fund a Debt Fund or an Equity Fund?
The NGN100bn programme can invest in both Debt and Equity instruments, however the NGN15 billion Series II Offer is a pure Debt Fund.

5.    Who are the target investors for the Fund?
         The Fund is designed for Qualified Investors, as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission, which includes Pension Fund Administrators, Fund Managers, Insurance Companies, Development Finance Institutions and High Net-Worth Individuals (“HNIs”)

6.    What is the minimum investment size?
        The minimum investment size is NGN10 million and in multiples of NGN5 million thereafter. This was adopted to encourage participation by HNIs.

7.   What will the Fund be investing in?
       The Series II Offer will target investment infrastructure or infrastructure-related projects, companies and SPVs in Nigeria across energy, healthcare, and transport and logistics sectors.

8.    What is the target return of the Fund?
The target return is 2% - 5% above the FGN bond yield with a similar tenor to the outstanding tenor of Series II i.e 10 years as of the allotment date.

9.    What is the management fee?
The management fee is 1.75% per annum.

10.    How often does the benchmark rate reset?

11.    Will there be periodic distributions to investors in the Fund?
Yes, the income of the Fund, net of expenses, would be distributed at least semi-annually to investors.

12.    How much has the Fund distributed since inception?
            Since the Allotment approval for Series I was received on 30 September 2021, the Fund made its inaugural distribution to investors in November 2021 and concluded its second distribution in January 2022, accumulating to a total distribution of N3.24 per unit representing an annualized return of c.13% to Unitholders over a three-month period.

13.    Will the Fund have a pre-defined tenor? 
           Yes, the tenor for the N15billion Series II Offer is 10 years. 

14.    Can I liquidate my investment before the end of the tenor? 
           The Fund Manager can facilitate the transfer of units amongst investors where there is a willing buyer and a willing seller subject to the receipt of requisite regulatory approvals. The Fund may also seek a Memorandum Listing of the Fund on a Recognised Exchange at a later date. However, no application has been made to any Exchange for the listing of the units of the Fund at this time.

15.    What is the rating of the Fund Manager? 
            Stanbic IBTC Asset Management Limited (“the Fund Manager”) has been assigned “AA” ratings by Agusto & Co and Global Credit Rating (“GCR”) 

16.    Will performance reports be shared with investors? 
            Yes, a valuation report would be provided to investors semi-annually

“Please read the Prospectus and where in doubt, consult your stockbroker, fund/portfolio manager, accountant, banker, solicitor or any other professional adviser for guidance before subscribing”
Have more questions? Please send an email to [email protected]