Stanbic IBTC Dollar Fund


Stanbic IBTC Dollar Fund is an open-ended Unit Trust Scheme that invests in US dollar denominated securities issued by SEC registered Nigerian entities (e.g. corporate and sovereign Eurobonds, commercial papers and mutual funds). The Fund seeks to provide investors with bias for dollar denominated securities access to such securities which ordinarily would be inaccessible to them by virtue of the minimum amount required to make such investments. It also provides portfolio managers access to diversify their income stream and portfolio whilst providing for long term capital appreciation.


Launch Date:                   2017

Status of Fund:                Open Ended

Nature of Fund:                Fixed Income Biased

Initial Investment:             $1,000.00

Additional Investment:     $500.00

Handling Charge:             20% of interest earned on redemption proceeds for

                                          withdrawals before 6 months

Base Currency:                US Dollar

Portfolio Allocation:          Minimum of 75% in USD Fixed Income Securities, 25%

      maximum in short term USD investment and a maximum of 10%

      in USD equities. 


Risk Diversification: The Fund mitigates investment risk by allocating capital across a diverse range of foreign currency assets thus avoiding concentration risk.

Capital appreciation with competitive returns.

You can use your holdings as collateral for bank loans.

Easy entry & exit


  • Duly executed subscription form
  • One passport photograph for each applicant
  • A government issued identity card (national ID card, Driver’s license, International Passport, Voter’s card etc)
  • Proof of address showing your name/surname

How to invest

Initial Investors

  • Complete Subscription Form and submit at any branch of Stanbic IBTC nationwide with the documentation stated above. Please note that you are not required to make payment at this stage.
  • The account will be opened within one business day and your e-account number will be sent to you via email
  • Upon receipt of the e-account number, transfer the funds to the designated bank account using your e-account number as reference/remark etc.
  • The investment will be booked following which login details will be sent to you within two business days

For Existing Subscribers:

  • Transfer directly from your bank account to the designated bank account using your e-account number as reference/remark


How To Redeem Your Investment

To redeem a part or all your investments at any time:

The proceeds of your redemption will be transferred to your nominated bank account within five (5) working days.


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+234 1 280 1266


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