Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Management Service combines our vast experience and expertise in investment management and research to create an appropriate mix of securities for the portfolios based on a tripod of investment objectives including security of assets, liquidity and competitive returns.

Our Portfolio Management Services offer investors the choice of enjoying “independently managed portfolios” and/or the choice of participating in any or a combination of the three (3) sub-funds in the Stanbic IBTC Umbrella Fund.


Independently Managed Portfolios:

Our Independent Portfolios offer investors tailor-made portfolio management services with the option of exercising their desired level of discretion as to the investment decisions taken on their portfolio. Designed for the “institutional investor”, our independent portfolio management services offer a global choice of asset classes including equities, fixed income, real estate, foreign currency denominated instruments and a range of other alternative investments based on the investor’s goal, risk profile and time horizon.



Tailor-made portfolios with an opportunity to participate in potentially high yielding investment instruments available to only a select list of sophisticated high net-worth investors and institutions

The option of exercising a desired level of discretion based on the client’s desires

Opportunity to partake in a host of attractive products offered by the Standard Bank Group both on and off-shore

Suitable for Staff Saving Schemes

Our portfolio management services are also suitable for Unclaimed Dividend Pools of Public Limited Liability Companies (“PLCs”)


Stanbic IBTC Umbrella Fund:

The Stanbic IBTC Umbrella Fund, equally designed for the institutional investor, allows investors to invest in any one or a combination of the available fund types dependent on their risk profiles and investment objectives.


1 Aggressive Portfolio Minimum of 60% in Equities; Maximum 40% in Fixed Income Securities Investors with High Risk Appetite
2 Conservative Portfolio Maximum of 30% in Equities; Minimum of 70% in Fixed Income Securities Investors with Low Risk Appetite
3 Absolute Return Portfolio 100% in Fixed Income Securities Risk Averse Investors



Competitive returns

Opportunity to invest in more than one fund type based on your objective(s). For example, Investment in the Aggressive Portfolio with risk capital whilst at the same time investing in the Conservative/Absolute Return Portfolio to secure principal for payment of say, children’s school fees.

Liquidity provision within two (2) business days

Increased scale, attention and speed of investment execution

Flexibility to move between fund types once a year, set up standing orders and transfer instructions

Reduced transaction cost.

Opportunity to dematerialize share certificates into the portfolio



Our administrative services will also ensure that you benefit from the following:

Professional reporting on a quarterly basis

Provision of online access to the portfolio

Dedicated Relationship Manager(s)

Verification of share certificates into the portfolio

Access to Market updates, analysis & research


Investment Advisory Services

Our investment advisory service, designed for institutional investors, will offer your organization the following:

Periodic investment strategy meetings to review and discuss portfolio strategies and the investment terrain

Developing and reviewing the fund’s asset allocation upon consideration of pre-determined parameters which will include certain investment considerations i.e. time horizon, risk and investment objective

Periodically reviewing the institution’s objectives and current market realities in light of existing regulations

Creating an appropriate investment risk management framework

Access to Standard Bank’s regional research team which publishes regular global and national economic updates and outlook. Our research and investment management capabilities are evidenced by our award winning team acknowledged by Africa Investor Award 2009 (Best Analyst Award), Euromoney Award 2009 (Best Investment Bank in Nigeria & Best Equity House in Africa), emeafinance Award 2009 (Best Investment Bank in Nigeria) and a host of others

Advise on asset class and security selection


Scheme Administration / Staff Savings

We partner with multi-national companies, bodies, organizations, foundations, etc to establish Staff Savings Schemes designed to encourage employees to save whilst also enhancing loyalty and long service. We also manage the database and benefit administration of such schemes so as to ensure the organisation and indeed their Human Resource departments can focus on other primary responsibilities.



Benefit and Database Administration Administering contributions and withdrawals of employees Database management Online Access Periodic electronic statements

Scheme valuation and Accounting

Collate and present Fund report on scheme to the Board of Trustees or appointed recipients

One-on-One or Group financial planning services with information on attractive investment opportunities outside the Scheme

Concessions to members towards other Stanbic IBTC Group products e.g. Stockbroking Accounts, Individual Portfolio Management Service, etc.

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